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Vendors and Stalls

Stall fee: $50 for the weekend must be paid to the Viking festival.  When payment is made your stall reservation is confirmed.  Direct transfer details will be provided upon request to register.  For food stalls please send a copy of of your certificate of registration with your stall license application form.  


You can contact us via email, telephone or the 'Contact' form on the site to get in touch with us for your license as this helps us avoid spam.

  • We want to try to make everything as authentic we can so please cover all the modern things. No alcohol when we are open for public as this is a family festival. We are open for public for 2 days so we all need to be at our best on both days. Sunday will also be a busy day.

  • We also have a meeting at 9 o’clock am in the Valhalla rest area, so every one are updated what’s goes on the weekend.

  • We are doing a parade around the park 10 am, start outside the hall. This is a Viking festival so please cover your cellphone, Vikings didn’t use that so much :D

  • Gate will be open to public 10-16 Saturday and Sunday

  • Stallholders will be required to have their stands fully operational during this hours

  • If you need to leave early you will need to pack before we open for public or after we have closed, no cars inside when we are running the festival.

  • Stallholders may choose to put up the stall the day before the festival

  • When you arrive to the festival, please find your place, unload the car and trailer. We have parking for the stallholder just over the road.

  • If you have a Viking tent you can camp inside the festival site, just let me know or else it is possible to camp just over the road

  • If you are cooking in your tent, have a bottle of water ready for fire safety. We also have a fire ban in effect in the town at the time of the festival so we can’t have any open fire.

  • All stallholders need to bring their own gazebo and tables

  • All stallholders must clean up after them selves

  • No smoking inside the festival grounds

  • It can be windy in Norsewood, so the gazebo must be very well secured, the same with umbrellas

  • You are welcome to bring your own EFTPOS machine

  • Children are welcome, but need to be supervised at all times

  • No cars inside the festival site, we have parking just over the road

  • All stallholders must empty the car and trailer latest 8.30 when the entry road will be closed

  • All stallholders must be ready when the festival opens for public 10.00 am

  • No smoking inside the festival

  • A map will be provided before the festival to easily locate your stall setup location

  • No dogs. Only dogs part of festival scheduled events are permitted

  • All stallholders clean up after them self

  • Stallholders are advised to arrange personal insurance cover for their own stall.

  • We have a social meeting Saturday and Sunday evening for all Vikings attending

  • If you would like to stay longer than Monday, you are welcome to do that.

  • There will also be a price for the best Viking costume men and women. And for the best Viking camp site. The winners will be given their prices at 2 pm on Sunday.

Hope you all will enjoy the stay with us for a fantastic festival weekend.


Any questions please give either Jamie or myself a call :D

Eva 027 351 2560

Jamie 027 936 0382


Best regards Norsewood Vikings

The old 2022 map is here for reference, new map will be uploaded soon

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